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Looking for 3 couples of MOTHER AND DAUGHTER over 13 years of age for my portfolio.
You will get a free shoot and a free print 20×30 (of your choice) plus the image for your social media.
Age is not important, as long as the youngest is OVER 13.
If you are mother/daughter/grandmother that’s even better!

I will choose 3 couples. The shoot will take place in JULY, in Innsbruck or surrounding area.
This is a great opportunity to have a GORGEOUS professional portrait of you and the most important woman in your life.
It will be a fantastic experience, and a lot of FUN!!

How it works

In the next few days you will receive an email to tell you if you were chosen, and we will arrange a phone call in order to plan your shoot.
I will explain every detail and you will ask all the questions  you might have, and we will fix the shooting date and the location.  
You will also be asked to fill in the Terms & Conditions form, just like we ask all our clients.
It includes the right for us to use your images for our website, blog and promotions (and it also states we will not use them in an inappropriate way!)
About 2 weeks later, you will both be invited to a personal preview of your photos, where we will pick your favourites and you will choose the image for your gift print.
You will of course have the opportunity to purchase additional images if you desire, but you’re under NO obligation to buy.
Just to give you an idea, Prints are always mounted and start at €59, Albums are handmade in Italy and start at €390 with 20 images, and mounted Wall Panels start at €175.
But I repeat, you’re under NO obligation to buy.
So, here is a summary of what this is all about:

What you get

 A free photoshoot (value €290)
 A free 20×30 mounted print of an image of your choice (value €59)
 The same image to use on your social media, with a small watermark for your  protection.

What you don't get

 Any other digital files or prints
 Unedited images
 Cheesy smiley photos

What you really get

 You looking amazing
 Your LOVE shining through
 Photos that will be part of your life forever

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